Frau Rau (day_walker) wrote in plantblog,
Frau Rau

Back from vacation.

I am back in the office after a five day hiatus.

I asked my coworker Kristin to water OP. I trust that she did. I gave OP a little splash of water yesterday and dumped a little bit of stale Jolly Good diet cola in the pot this morning. OP does not seem to be flourishing, nor does he seem to be withering. He remains about the same size as when I purchased him. His leaves seem to be a bit more compact these days. They're pointing upwards. Is he pointing upwards, dreaming of getting out of his dull gray walled cubicle corner? I don't know. Perhaps he is like me while I am at work. Closed and to myself. I didn't think of him at all while I was away from work, and when I came back I didn't feel any sort of emotion about seeing him.

HP seems to be doing swimmingly. I watered him on Friday before I left town and when I got back on Sunday. I gave him another drink again last night. All water came from various forgotten water glasses we've left on the coffee table. HP's leaves seem to be leaning towards the sunlight outside the window. I rotated him a bit so he can get bushy and absorb the sun on all sides. The weather has been really hot and humid which plants like so I know HP is quite pleased. He seems to be getting bigger.
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