Frau Rau (day_walker) wrote in plantblog,
Frau Rau

What will happen to OP?

I just gave OP a drink of cold water from the drinking fountain. He still looks alright- healthy, bushy, glossy upright leaves. I worry though. I will be gone from the office for the next five days on vacation. Who will water OP? I will ask a coworker to give him a drink on Friday so when I come back on Tuesday he is not dead or wilted half to death. But hey, that's the life of an office plant. Bamboo has managed to stay alive for so long because he's always submerged in a pool of water that doesn't evaporate for days.

Today I am stressed out, nervous, antsy, and twitchy. I wonder if the plants can pick up my crazy edgy vibes.
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