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Frau Rau

Welcome to my life, oh new plants.

Here is where I record my daily observation of my plants.

I purchased both plants for $9.00 on Sunday, May 21st from Kellner's Greenhouse. I didn't know what kind of plants to get so I asked the volunteer to recommend a plant that could handle frequent watering and would do well in dimly lit conditions. For some reason my question made the very effeminate greenhouse volunteer very angry. Perhaps because he didn't want to be bothered by my stupid question and could detect that I'm just not a plant person. I mean, plants die merely by being in my presence. I don't have a green thumb, I have a skeletal dried up death to plants thumb. Nevertheless, this is science.

The plants are the same size- about 8" tall and 6" across. Both are pretty healthy little guys with glossy yellow polka dotted green leaves. I don't know what kind of plants these guys are. At some point I will look it up.

Home Plant (hereafter known as HP) now lives on a third floor windowsill facing South. It's neighbors are a long spikey cactus guy and a healthy aloe. I watered it this morning with some tap water that had been sitting in a glass on the coffee table for few days. Today was sunny so I am sure it got some good photosynthesis action up in the mix. The window was closed to all outside air. We smoked some cigarettes near it so I am sure the plant also got some good carbon monoxide too. We watched Todd Browning's film "Freaks" and Michael worked on composing music for awhile, so that was the sound stimulus.

Office Plant (hereafter known as OP) now dwells in my cubicle at work. I work in a dull gray walled cubicle and do not get any sunlight, only fluorescent from overhead and a 60 watt electrical lamp on my desk. There are some air ducts on the ceiling that push out some air now and then. The temperature hovers around 70 in my office, give or take a few degrees. OP lives in the southern corner of my cube beneath the Johnny Depp poster. This morning I watered OP with some Lipton tea that had been sitting in my mug since yesterday afternoon. I wonder if the mild amount of caffeine will have any effect upon OP. All day long OP hears my typing and conversation from neighboring cubicles. It's neighbor is a very lanky spazzy yellowing bamboo plant.

Both plants seem to be doing well.
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